Model VS - Heavy Duty Vertical Slurry Pump

Model - VS

Heavy Duty Vertical Slurry Pump

Heavy Duty Vertical Slurry Pump (VS)

Vertical cantilever sump pump designed to handle abrasive slurries & corrosive fluids using either metal alloy or elastomer lined replaceable wet end components, with no submerged antifriction bearings.

Operating Data

  • Pump Sizes : Up to 300mm
  • Capacity : Up to 1500 m3/hr
  • Head : Up to 35 m
  • Pressure: Up to 16 bar
  • Temperature : Up to +120 deg.cel.


Chemical processing, Minerals processing, Coal preparation, Effluent handling, Sand & Gravel, sump services, Magnetite mixing


Over decades, PSP has tapped several new industrial markets with thousands of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps running in demanding applications across the globe.

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