Model T - Torque Flow Pump

Model - T

Torque Flow Pump

PSP Torque Flow Pump

PSP Vortex pump with completely open spherical channel contains vortex open impeller whereby power is transferred to the fluid transported, similar to the principle of a hydraulic coupling. Various impeller variations offer optimal conditions for each application.

Operating Data

  • Pump Sizes: 65 to 350mm
  • Capacity: Up to 1500 m3/hr
  • Head: Up to 100 meters
  • Pressure: Up to 25 bars
  • Temparature: Up to +100-degree C


  • Automobile industry : Dye liquor, bonder-emulsion, grinding, dust and corundum slurries, soluble oil, paint sludge, solvent/water-based primers, coagulation, sludge transfer, phosphate sludge.
  • Sugar industry : Unscreened mill juice, Imbibition juice, Beet and beet chip-mixtures, beet tails, leaves and grass with water, lime sludge from the setting tanks.
  • Construction & Building : Gas-concrete slurry, sand, gravel, stone and marble dust in water, creosote solutions.
  • Textile Industry : Natural- and artificial fibers, dyes with slug, fibrous waste water, fleece scouring.
  • Dredging : Sand, gravel, mountain slip, lake and port cleaning.
  • Chemicals : Crystal suspensions, filters slurries, latex, polystyrene beads in water, caustic soda solutions hot brine, washing powder slurries, zinc slurry, paint suspensions, bicarbonate slurry, catalytic sludge.
  • Steel industry : Scale in water, ash-shoot-slurries, Waste water treatment, coke and coal water mixtures, boraxsuspension.
  • Mining : Leached gold ore slurries, stone slurries, coal washing water, mine drainage pumps, manganese dioxide slurry.
  • Paper : Un cleaned wastepaper, straw pulp, rag pulp, defibrator pulp, Kaolin, bagasse, rejects, pulp rejects.
  • Food Industry : Potato waste, peas, beans, carrots, turnips, pig food, fruit suspensions, chicken/turkey waste with feathers, live cockles, bone meal slurry.
  • Cellulose : Semi-chemical pulp, sulphate pulp, black-liquor, wood chips, pulp with knots, digester .
  • Petrochemicals : emptying pumps, splinters from wood grinder, Slops, catalytic sludge, carbolated oil, drilling sludge, raw tar with coke.
  • Power : Ash, dust-screen sludge.
  • Waste water treatment : Raw unscreened sewage, raw sludge, digested sludge, grit channel pumps, abattoir waste water, all municipal and industrial effluents, granulated activated carbon.
  • Yarn :Fiber-cement slurry, Rockwool, leather fibers, glass fibers, textile fibers, nitro-cellulose.


Over decades, PSP has tapped several new industrial markets with thousands of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps running in demanding applications across the globe.

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