Zero Leak Springless Magma Massecuite Rota Pump

Model - SM

Zero Leak Springless Magma Massecuite Rota Pump

Zero leak Springless Magma Massecuite Rota Pump

PSP is the world leader & largest manufacturer of magma massecuite sugar pumps in the World.

PSP received design patent in 1998 for spring less Zero leak magma, massecuite pump

Zero leak PSP massecuite pump is rotary positive displacement pump that works on “elipse & scraper” principle. These pumps are designed principally to handle high viscosity abrasive sugar products with higher brix that contains sugar crystals such as A massecuite, B massecuite, C massecuite, magma and dry seed for Sugar Industries & Sugar Refineries.

Operating Data

  • Pump Sizes : 4 inch to 20 inch
  • Capacity : Up to 150 m3/hr
  • Pressure : Up to 7 bar
  • Temperature : Up to +90 degree cel
  • Viscosity : Above 5000cst


Sugar Industry: Massecuite A, Massecuite B, Massecuite C, Massecuite D, Magma, Dry Seed.


  • Spring less design
  • Minimum crystal breakage
  • Rough & tough zero leak sealing
  • Extreme reliability


Over decades, PSP has tapped several new industrial markets with thousands of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps running in demanding applications across the globe.

Pump Manufacturer for Sugar Industry


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