Model TG - Recessed Vortex Pump

Model - TG

Recessed Vortex Pump

Recessed vortex pumpfor toughest grit- handling & Gentle pumping

TG recessed cupped impeller with high chrome iron ASTM 532 deflects material away from the case and back into the flow stream towards the extra thick suction area. This provides good resistance against wear with gentle pumping action and little risk of plugging with virtually no attention and minimum part replacement. It outlasts and outperforms other pumps and its type.

Operating Data

  • Pump Sizes: 2” to 8”
  • Capacity: Up to 400m3/hr
  • Head: Up to 45 meters


Coal slurry, Carbon black, Sugar, Waste water, Effluent treatment, Mining, Steel, Paper, Grit & sludge handling


  • Abrasion resistance: Hard chrome parts will wear longer.
  • Gentle pumping: Recessed cup shaped impeller directs solids away from volute walls providing an unobstructed passage way.
  • Generous wear allowance: Casing and suction piece are 1.5 times thicker than normal vortex pumps. Impeller vanes are 6 times thicker than radial vanes.
  • Minimum wear: Cup shaped impeller designed specifically to pump slurries and abrasive solids. As wear progresses, impeller vanes and cup increase in area. Original performance is consistently maintained with virtually no attention.


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