Model IH - Industrial Hose Pump

Model - IH

Industrial Hose Pump

Industrial Hose Pump : Model IH

Positive displacement pump that creates pumping action by alternatively compressing & relaxing hose between pump housing and compressing rollers

Operating Data

  • Pump Sizes: Up to 125 mm
  • Capacity: Up to 65m3/hr
  • Pressure: Up to 10 bars
  • Temperature: Up to +90 Degree C


  • Waste water treatment: Pumping of calcium oxide, sodium chloride, ferric & other waste fluids
  • Chemical: All kinds of acids and alkaline fluids
  • Paint making: Transport of dispersant additions, pigments, latex, and finished paints
  • Brewage: Pumping of yeast, flocculants and stabilizers
  • Printing & packing: Delivery of inks, printing inks, paints and glue
  • Food & beverages: Pumping of edible oil, alcoholic beverages and dairy delivery, transporting of flour mud, meat mud, spices and additives
  • Paper making: Transportation of pigments, pulp and various additives
  • Oil exploration & mining: Delivery of sludge, slurry and metal leaching fluids
  • Ceramic & glass making: raw material delivery
  • Building & construction: Pumping of cement, concrete, paint and foaming agents
  • Lithium battery making: Pumping of cathode material and slurry
  • Textiles: Delivery of fiber, fuel and acids
  • Solar panel making: Feeding of silicon material


Over decades, PSP has tapped several new industrial markets with thousands of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps running in demanding applications across the globe.

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Pump Manufacturer for Waste Water Industry


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